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Carriers [10/11]

Chapter 9

“And it’s so completely fucked. All of it, I mean, how can we be okay with giving up our child to your wives?” Patrick ranted.

Pete was sitting on Patrick’s bed, playing with Bronx.

“I don’t know,” Pete answered truthfully.

“How could you not, this was after all your idea,” Patrick countered. He didn’t really know when or why he’d forgiven Pete, but nonetheless, Pete was sitting there listening to Patrick yell about how fucked up they were.

Pete shrugged, “It wasn’t my idea “Trick.”

“How could you ever think that this was a good idea?” Patrick went on and on yelling before he realized what Pete had said.

“What?” Patrick drew in his breath.

“I don’t know,” Pete looked down at Bronx who was playing with the mittens that Ashlee had put on his hands so he wouldn’t suck his thumb.

“What do you mean ‘you don’t know’, you just said that this wasn’t your idea. Then whose was it?” Patrick asked.

“All this time, I wanted to tell someone,” Pete stared out the window.

“Tell me,” Patrick said, sitting on the bed and taking Pete’s hand in his.

“I did have an idea, Patrick; I wanted to change the world. But not like this, never like this. Things got so out of hand, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.”

“Stop what Pete? If it wasn’t your idea then whose was it? Who’s pushing you into this?” Patrick looked afraid.

“Back in college I met this guy in my political science class. He seemed nice so I befriended him. We always joked about how we’d run the country if we had the chance. He liked what I thought of doing but changed it, twisted it into something ugly. Then he told me about this “secret army” that was going to take over in a few years. He went to them with his version of my idea and they loved it. They appointed me leader and when I tried to refuse they told me they’d hurt you,” Pete’s eyes became misty.

“Pete,” Patrick pulled Pete into his arms.

“I didn’t want them to lay a finger on you so I tried to get you into their idea, but you hated it. Then you left when I wouldn’t give it up, but I couldn’t tell you that I couldn’t give it up,” Pete was wiping tears from his eyes.

“So who’s really in charge?” Patrick asked.

“Travis McCoy,” Pete answered simply, “he’s behind everything.”

“What about the explosions, what really caused them?”

Pete looked at Patrick, “That I really don’t know. I know that the army made them and blew them up. There are some things I don’t get specifics on, I’m only their puppet, but I know that those weren’t from ‘our enemies’.”

They were silent for a few minutes but Patrick broke the silence first, “I’m pregnant.”

Pete’s eyes widened, “What?”

“I’m pregnant, you moron. And yes, it’s yours,” Patrick rolled his eyes, “But I’m not giving it to your wife.”

Pete raised his left eyebrow, “And how are you going to avoid that?”

“I’m going to escape and you’re going to help me, all mighty master,” Patrick said in a sure voice.

Pete looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Pete listen to me, I want this baby, our baby. This freak mutation brought us together, and I don’t want to lose you again,” Patrick pleaded, “Don’t you love me enough for us to leave this mess together?”

“Of course I do Patrick, but Ashlee and Bronx?” Pete looked down at Bronx, “I can’t leave him.”

“So he’ll go with us,” Patrick smiled.

“And Ashlee?” Pete asked, “I love her, I’m not in love with her and I never have been, but I can’t just hurt her. It’ll kill her.”

“So you rather me have this baby, hand it over to her, get moved to another family while you
all play house?” Patrick asked angrily.

“No Patrick but-,” Pete started.

“But what,” Patrick looked at him, “if you love me then this shouldn’t be so hard for you.”

Pete looked at Patrick, looked at Bronx, and then imagined Ashlee’s heartbroken face when she couldn’t find him or Bronx. Then Pete remembered how empty he’d felt inside when Patrick had left, and Patrick would find a way to leave eventually, with or without Pete.

“Okay,” Pete finally breathed out.

Patrick smiled and leaned over to kiss Pete. Bronx began clapping happily.


It was the night of the ceremony and Brendon was excited. He loved sex with Ryan. He loved how it made him feel; the pure ecstasy that went through his body when Ryan pushed him over the edge. Brendon loved hearing Ryan’s moans, grunts but most of all, Brendon loved the dirty way Ryan said his name when he was about to come.

Brendon pushed open the door to Keltie and Ryan’s room and quickly slid into his spot. Keltie was already blindfolded when Ryan came in so she didn’t see the soft kiss Ryan gave Brendon first. She didn’t see Ryan jerking him off while they had sex and she most definitely didn’t see when Ryan pressed their lips together hungrily before he left the room.

“My study,” Ryan mouthed to Brendon.

Brendon nodded and waited a few minutes before leaving Keltie alone.

When he heard Keltie and everyone else go to sleep he ran quietly down the stairs and into Ryan’s study.

Ryan greeted him with a happy kiss and a tight squeeze, “I love you,” Ryan said.

Brendon was taken aback, “I love you, too,” he whispered in reply.

Ryan smiled, “Hurry, change into these clothes.”

“Why?” Brendon asked as he took a pair of jeans and a shirt from Ryan.

“Because I’m taking you out tonight,” Ryan laughed.

“Really?” Brendon all but squealed and began stripping.

“Maybe not,” Ryan laughed, “I like watching you undress more. Maybe we can just stay here instead.”

“No Ryan Ross,” Brendon giggled, “you said you were taking me out and now you are.” He fought with the jeans but finally pulled them over his ass. Brendon turned toward the mirror that was behind himself and raised his eyebrows. He had forgotten what normal clothes looked like on him.

Ryan came behind him and slid his arms around Brendon’s waist, “Mmm, Brendon I think we should stay.”

“No Ryan I want to go,” Brendon whispered.

“But Brenny, your brain says go but your cock says that we should stay,” Ryan cupped Brendon through his jeans to prove his point.

“My cock is not my brain, unlike yours,” Brendon shoved him off, “Now can we go?”

Ryan smiled and they went out of the private entrance to the study.

Alex was waiting with the motor running when they arrived.

“We have a few hours Sir,” Alex said

“Okay, first take us to the club,” Ryan told him.

Brendon wondered what club still existed but didn’t ask questions.

After about a twenty minute drive Alex stopped at an old torn apart building and opened the door for them.

Ryan thanked Alex and told him to pick them up in two hours.

“Ryan what is this?” Brendon asked.

“You’ll see,” Ryan answered. He walked up to a heavy metal door and knocked on it. The top opened, revealing two eyes. They cast down at Ryan and then at Brendon before unlocking the

They stepped inside and went down a few flights of stairs and down a long corridor before being met with another door.

Ryan opened it and Brendon could not believe his eyes. It looked just like a club from the time before. There were people dancing all around, there were people in booths drinking and there were people just standing around. The one thing Brendon had noticed though, was that they were all men.

“Ryan, what is this place?” Brendon asked.

“Harlequin,” Ryan replied.

“And who are all of these people?”

“Commanders, such as myself, other people in high places, their carriers, or their significant other. Some prostitutes too.” Ryan listed off the people.

“Oh,” Brendon said.

Ryan got them drinks and then Brendon practically dragged Ryan to the dance floor.

“One song,” Brendon pleaded, “please.”

“Okay,” Ryan had given in.

They were dancing close together now. Ryan was gripping Brendon’s hips possessively. Though the action didn’t make Brendon feel like an object, it made him feel loved.

When they sat down, three more people sat at their table. It took Brendon a second to realize that Spencer was sitting across from him.

“Spencer,” he yelled.

Spencer looked up confusedly until he saw Brendon and then his face broke out into a huge smile.

“Brendon?” Spencer asked.

They both jumped up at the same time and hugged tightly. Ryan coughed and glared at Spencer until Brendon explained to him who he was.

Ryan then smiled and greeted Spencer. Commander Conrad came to sit next with Greta, his very pregnant wife.

Ryan looked at them until Greta smiled and spilled the whole story.

Greta had never taken the pills because she didn’t trust them and thus never got sick. Spencer was living with them until she gave birth so they could pretend that it was really Spencer who had given birth in secret. Then they were going to sneak him out.

Ryan nodded along and Brendon couldn’t help but stare at Greta’s big stomach. It seemed like forever since he’d seen a pregnant woman.

They talked for a while and Brendon couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching him. He looked up and saw that Spencer was staring at him smugly.

“What?” Brendon asked.

“Oh nothing,” Spencer said nonchalantly, “You just- you look happy.”

Brendon smiled and looked at Ryan, who put his arm around Brendon.

“So?” Brendon blushed.

“It’s cute,” Spencer laughed.

Ryan got a call from Alex. They said their goodbyes to Spencer, Tom and Greta before leaving the club.

“Had fun?” Ryan asked him.

“Yes, thank you,” Brendon said and kissed Ryan.

“We’re not done for the night. There’s still one more place we need to go,” Ryan told him.


“You’re old apartment,”


“I have a key,” Ryan said.

“Where did you get it?” Brendon asked.

“I have my ways,” Ryan laughed.

Alex pulled up to Brendon’s old apartment and cut the engine.

They got out of the car and climbed all the way to Brendon’s floor. Ryan handed him the key.

“You open it. It’s your home.”

Brendon took the key and jiggled the door like you had to in order to get it open. When he pushed the door open he was met with the smell of dust and a lot of memories.

Brendon walked through the living room without caring and went straight to his music room.

Brendon pulled Ryan in with him.

“Wow Brendon,” Ryan said looking at all of his instruments.

Ryan looked at Brendon’s piano and smiled, “Have you ever-?”

Brendon shook his head.

“Should we?” Ryan asked casually.

Before Ryan knew it he was laying on top of the piano with Brendon hungrily tearing open his

Chapter 11
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