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Carriers [9/11]

Chapter 8

It was Thursday and Patrick was on his back.

He could feel the slide of Pete’s dick inside of him, and he couldn’t help but like it and want more. They had had a wonderful sex life before, so Patrick could not be blamed for wanting to wrap his legs around Pete and pull him closer.

That night Pete pulled a daring stunt. He pulled the black veil off of Patrick’s face and kissed him. Right there in front of his wife, though she was blindfolded. Patrick pushed Pete off and glared. Pete looked away and pushed back into Patrick. A few more minutes and he came, making Patrick shudder. Pete zipped up his pants and walked out the room.

Ashlee let him lie there a few minutes. He pulled up his pants and began walking out but heard Ashlee whisper, “Just give us what we want, please try. And I’ll help you out of here for good. I promise you won’t end up with the uns.”

Patrick looked back at her and saw that her blindfold was off. Ashlee was curled up into herself, her knees pulled to her chest.

“I know it’s not really in your hands, but maybe, maybe if you want it bad enough too, it’ll happen,” Ashlee smiled weakly at him. Patrick couldn’t help but smile back and wonder what had happened to the girl that had hated him the second he walked in through the door.

Patrick left her room, shutting the door softly behind him. Patrick didn’t want to have Pete’s baby, but he wanted his freedom.


Brendon was looking out of his window waiting for Alex, Ryan’s chauffer’s, signal. If he wore black shoes it meant that Ryan wanted to see him. If he wore brown shoes it meant, ‘not tonight.’ That day Alex was wearing black shoes. It made Brendon smile that almost every day since their secret meetings began, Alex wore black shoes.

That day Ryan first called him down Ryan had wanted to know everything about Brendon: his likes and dislikes, all the instruments he played, he wanted to hear Brendon sing, and he wanted to know everything about Brendon’s life that happened before he showed up.

When Brendon asked him why he was so interested Ryan had replied simply, “Because I find you completely fascinating.”

Other days Ryan answered all the questions that Brendon had for him. Brendon learned that Ryan didn’t want to be in the army or in politics for that matter, but he was forced to join the secret army by his father. Ryan had actually wanted to go to college and study biology.

On one particular day Brendon had brought the pillow with the message sewn into it.

“What does this mean?” Brendon asked, showing the pillow to Ryan.

“Älä anna hirviöitä pitää sinut alas,” Ryan said perfectly.

“Huh?” Brendon stared at Ryan dumbfounded.

“It’s Finnish. It means ‘don’t let the monsters hold you down’ if I remember correctly.” Ryan answered.

“How do you know Finnish?” Brendon asked.

“My great grandmother was born here but was brought up in Finland. When she came back here and married and had children she taught Finnish to them. My grandmother taught my mother Finnish and she taught me. This pillow was made by my grandmother, I think.” Ryan replied.

“Oh,” Brendon said, “That’s nice.” His fingers ran over the embroidered letters.

There were a few minutes of silence where Ryan ran his fingers through Brendon’s hair.

“Ryan, are you happy?” Brendon asked, breaking the silence.

“Happy how?” Ryan questioned

“Happy in general, content with life,” Brendon replied.

“No, not really,” Ryan answered truthfully.


“I’m not happy because I didn’t want to do this. This wasn’t the life I wanted, you know that already, but you’re here and that makes everything more bearable.” Ryan looked at Brendon and smiled shyly.

Brendon couldn’t help the smile that had appeared on his face. He leaned back and laid his head on Ryan’s lap. Brendon shut his eyes and Ryan let his head fall back on the couch. Their breathing evened out as if asleep but Brendon could tell Ryan was still awake when he felt Ryan’s fingers weave through his hair. Brendon smiled contentedly. All too soon though, it was time for Brendon to go back to his room.

Brendon got up slowly, to avoid a head rush and walked towards the door. Right when Brendon was reaching for the handle, Ryan pulled him back and kissed him softly. Brendon responded just as softly and pulled away from Ryan and walked away, turning around only to see that Ryan was watching him with a smile of his own.


From then on things between them had gotten much more intimate. They still talked about everything they could but more than half of their time was spent with long kisses shared on Ryan’s couch. They always started slow but before long Ryan had Brendon on his back and was kissing him with a passion that he had never had with anyone, not even Keltie. Brendon never minded though, not one bit. He had quickly become addicted to the feeling of Ryan’s lips sliding against his own.

Like now for instance, Ryan had him pushed back against the wall of his study and was kissing and licking his neck.

“Brendon,” Ryan sighed.

Brendon choked back a moan when Ryan starting sucking and biting at his collarbone. It took all over Brendon’s will power not to give into Ryan right then and there. He pushed Ryan off gently and pulled him towards the couch instead.

Ryan pushed Brendon down and aligned their hips. Brendon raised his hips at the same time
Ryan pushed his down and when they’re cocks met through their clothes they swallowed each other’s moan in a heated kiss. Ryan pulled back and looked at Brendon questioningly.

“Can I?” Ryan asked his fingers ran along the length of Brendon’s cock.

“Yes- yes- yeah,” Brendon said breathy.

“Good, because I probably would’ve done it anyway,” Ryan laughed darkly. He pulled Brendon’s pants down and then stared for a few seconds at Brendon’s erect cock.

Without warning he started sucking and licking it. Brendon felt his breathing stop and eyes cross when he felt Ryan’s hot mouth surrounding his cock. Brendon reached down and pulled Ryan back up. He quickly undid Ryan’s belt and yanked his pants down.

“Brendon, were you a virgin the first time I-” Ryan began to ask.

“Yes,” Brendon replied, cutting off Ryan.

“Oh, Brendon,” Ryan said, “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Brendon reassured him, “now can we get back to what we were doing before, I kind of loved that.”

Ryan grinned and pushed Brendon back down. He kissed Brendon slowly and ran his hands down Brendon’s sides.

Ryan reached behind Brendon and gave a little push, “Brendon, can I?”

Brendon nodded slowly and Ryan pushed their foreheads together, “I’m going to make you feel so good.”

Ryan pulled back and coated his fingers with some type of oil, Brendon spread his legs and
Ryan reached under him to slide a finger in.

Brendon didn’t feel much with one finger so Ryan slid another in. There was a slight uncomfortable feeling that went away after a few times of pushing in and out. And it definitely went away when Ryan curled his fingers at the right spot.

Brendon let out a long moan.

“There?” Ryan asked.

Brendon nodded, “Don’t stop.”

“I don’t think I could,” Ryan replied.

Ryan prepped Brendon with three fingers and then aligned his cock at Brendon’s entrance and pushed in slowly.

“Are you okay?” Ryan asked Brendon.

Brendon nodded and whispered, “Just move.”

Ryan slowly began rocking his hips into Brendon and gradually began pushing in and out. He was determined to make Brendon feel good. It didn’t take long for him to hit Brendon’s sweet spot and have Brendon clench around him.

“Oh, god. Right there.” Brendon said.

Ryan began pushing into Brendon faster and harder. Brendon was letting out all of these beautiful noises that Ryan was sure he’d hear in his mind at all times of the day.

Brendon flipped them over and rode Ryan, rolling his hips. Ryan pushed up to meet Brendon every time he came down and Ryan wanted to mark Brendon all over.

When Brendon started going faster, Ryan wrapped his hand around Brendon’s cock and jerked him off in time with the roll of his hips.

“Brendon,” Ryan said in the dirtiest way on one particular time that Brendon lowered himself and that was all it took before Brendon came, all over Ryan’s stomach.

“Oh god,” Ryan said when he pulled out of Brendon.

They were slick with sweat and fell asleep together curled up on Ryan’s couch.


The next day a carrier was in labor and the vans came to pick up the wives and carriers so that they could all be together on this very important day.

That carrier was William, Brendon had found out as soon as he stepped into the van because Patrick had whispered it to him. Once they arrived at the house the doctor had shown up and the carriers were shoved behind the bed to chant William on and pray.

The wives were in front of the bed looking at the birth of the baby.

After a few minutes a piercing cry broke through the silence.

“It’s a girl,” the doctor said and handed the baby to the nurse. Once the baby had been bathed the nurse handed her over to the mother, Victoria, who smiled smugly and showed here off the rest of the Wives.

William was exhausted and fell asleep soon after they patched him up. As soon as the baby had been born, the wives had left the room and the carriers had been taken home.

William lay there alone, because in the end that was all he had been there for anyway.

As the carriers walked down the steps Brendon noticed the new proud parents gushing of the child. The father, Commander Saporta, could not stop making the stupidest noises at the baby, and Victoria looked wrecked, as if she had given birth to the baby herself.

Chapter 10
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