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Band(s): PATD, TYV, FOB, CS, TAI, MCR, GM.
Pairing(s): Main: Brendon/Ryan. Patrick/Pete. Brendon/Audrey. Pete/Ashlee. Ryan/Keltie. Others: Greta/Tom. Spencer/Jon. Gabe/William. Gabe/Victoria.
Word Count: 28,884
Rating/Warnings: Dub-con. Physical/Mental Abuse. Death.
Summary: Everything was fine in Brendon's world until a new leader forced everyone to have children to "repopulate." Brendon has a baby with Audrey and thought everything was going great until two horrible accidents leave women unable to bear children but give men the ability to have children. Then the whole country changes again. Brendon and a few of his friends are forced to become Carriers. They are forced to have sex with Commanders and try to become pregnant. If they do become pregnant they carry the baby and give it to the Wife of the Commanders. Brendon misses his old life, and especially his child, but soon he finds himself falling for his Commander. And the new leader has a past with his Carrier, whom he loves, to this day, and whom he is sure loves him back.
Based Off: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Thanks to everybody who helped me with this story! My off lj beta Heather! The four amazing people who made and gave me arts and mixes and the bbb mods for setting this entire thing up!

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Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Brendon began to lose himself in the music just as he always used to. He didn’t know how long he’d been playing until he heard a cough come from behind him......Brendon turned around and was face to face with the commander, who was standing at the doorway looking on fully interested.
By youfeelittoo

Brendon As A Handmaid
By redorchids

Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum
By sweetnovicane

By pineoak